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It has been a positive experience which has impacted on my confidence to create networks of musicians within the local area and beyond.

Jamie Burne

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ArtWorks Cymru

ArtWorks: Developing Practice in Participatory Settings is a new initiative which supports the continuing professional development of artists working in participatory settings.

A Special Initiative from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, ArtWorks is a workforce development scheme that seeks to meet the needs of artists at different stages in their careers – from the aspiring young artist embarking on training, to experienced practitioners who wish to progress their output. It is seeking to build on good practice to enhance the existing development infrastructure.

ArtWorks Cymru wants to create a transformational and sustainable participatory arts sector that grows and nurtures artists working with and for the people of Wales, defines best practice and creates excitement and dialogue around the work, bringing depth and meaning to every interaction.

The ArtWorks Cymru Partnership brings together the following organisations:

Welsh National Opera
Community Dance Wales
Community Music Wales
Head for Arts
National Dance Company Wales
Sherman Cymru
Streetwise Opera 
Professor Hamish Fyfe

The Partnership share the following values:

  • We believe that everyone is creative.  
  • The best participatory art is transformational, for artists, individuals and communities.       
  • Participatory practice involves a creative interaction where the artist provides the framework and the rigor, and the participant brings their experience and individuality.
  • The artist is an enabler, a creator, a collaborator, an interpreter, a fellow learner…    
  • Organisations can grow and learn, harness cultural values and transmit them to new generations of artists.

The following aims have been set for ArtWorks Cymru:

  • To create a holistic training and continuous professional development framework that addresses the needs of artists at all stages in their development 
  • To develop and create best practice across the sector    
  • To explore the potential for a cross-sector standard recognised by organisations employing artists       
  • To share practice and experience across art forms, organisations and languages, and create space for artists to debate and evaluate their work      
  • To create a wider debate around participatory arts across Wales    
  • To raise the aspirations and expectations of participatory work in the community, and the status of participatory arts in society

ArtWorks Cymru will run in three phases: 
Phase One will consist of an audit and consultation process; 
Phase Two will create a Learning Framework around five projects run by Pathfinder organisations; Phase Three will consist of a symposium to distribute and discuss the findings of the Pathfinder, as well as recommendations for going forward to create a more joined up training network. 

 To find out more you can follow the project on Facebook and Twitter 

‘ArtWorks: Developing Practice in Participatory Settings’ is a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Special Initiative with support and funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Creativity Culture & Education (supported by Arts Council England) and the Cultural Leadership Programme.


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