Biophony | Rivers | Woodlands| Uplands | Sea & Coast

The first stage of ‘Biophony’ took place in Caerphilly, with walks in The Warren woodland and Nant Y Calch fields, located on the lower slopes of Caerphilly Mountain. Both areas are of environmental importance and are continually under threat from major development.

The project consisted of an environmental talk & field trip in the local area, music composition workshops & masterclasses led by tutors Laura Bradshaw and Neil White. The participants worked towards writing new music based on data collection and inspiration from the local environment. The final day culminated in a performance and recording. 

The music composed on this part of the project, titled "Avia",  tracked the journey taken by migrating birds, and birdsong was incorporated into the final recordings. 

The band formed on the course (Blarpipa) was invited to join Community Music Wales at the Charity's 25th anniversary celebration where they performed "Avia" live.