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Ciwdod has been a part of Community Music Wales since 2004 and in a number of different guises. Originally a partnership between CMW and the Welsh Language Board (and later the Welsh Government) Ciwdod is dedicated to increasing involvement in Welsh language music making. In the past Ciwdod has provided recording opportunities for bands and artists in a variety of genres and supported them in their first releases. These have included Radio Luxembourg, Derwyddon Dr Gonzo, Plant Duw, and Yr Ods, to name a few.

With project funding from the Welsh Government’s ‘Moving Forward’ scheme,  Ciwdod’s newest incarnation is in the form of the website which is dedicated to providing information about Welsh language music and guidance for Welsh language musicians. The website features information such as upcoming gigs, releases from Welsh language artists as well as guest articles and news.

The Website launched on the 12th of February 2016, which was Welsh Music Day. To promote both of these things CMW, alongside Noson 4a6, hosted a gig with Kissy Crawford, Calfari and Fi a Fo in Clwb Canol Dre, Caernarfon. The gig was an excellent celebration of Welsh language music and a great start to

One of the main features of the website will be interviews and tutorials with people already working within the Welsh music industry, such as Radio DJ’s, singer songwriters and even Community Music Wales tutors. Soon to be uploaded to the website will be an interview with Bethan Elfyn of Radio Wales fame, who talked in depth about her experience of the Welsh music industry as well as other topics such as her favourite Welsh language bands. Keep an eye out for the interview – it’s a good one!

One of the main points of is that we want it to be a collaborative effort. While CMW as a whole has a vast array of experience within the Welsh music industry, we can only provide so much help. We want to provide the best possible start for Welsh and Welsh language musicians, and while we understand each case will be different and we can’t provide every bit of information, we can still try! This is why we need your help. If you would like to submit a guest article, or be interviewed, or even just tell us about a gig you’re involved with then please let us know. Visit or flip to the contact page for more information.