Introducing CMW Community Arts Tutoring

Community Music Wales will be running a community arts tutor training course in Cardiff this July.

The course will aim both to develop essential, core competencies and to celebrate and encourage individuality and diversity.

Who is it for?

For people who:
  • Want to increase their skills, knowledge and understanding in using creative activities in their work with people.
  • Already work in a creative field, or want to start using art in a work or voluntary context, including youth workers, teaching assistants, carers, early years workers, play workers, day centre staff, after school club leaders, youth justice sector workers etc
  • Have a strong interest in creative activities and have some artistic skills
  • Have the potential to inspire and motivate people to create
The training is accredited through Agored Cymru and thanks to the Arts Council of Wales lottery funding we are able to offer it at the amazing price of £120 (£80 Concession)


Course Dates:


1st, 2nd, 9th, 15th and 16th July 2016

If you are interested in the course please don't hesitate to call us on:
029 20838060 
or email:
[email protected]

Community Music Wales Tutor Training benefitted me in ways I would have never imagined 18 months ago. I have always played music for myself and my enjoyment but I've never really used my skills and knowledge to enable others to be creative with music. I never thought it would be so rewarding for me to be able to bring so much joy to people through different musical games, exercises and songs and by empowering them to make a choice about how they would like to be creative within the workshop.


Jack Egglestone


During the course I was working a part time job to help me fund my music career.  Since completing the course I have become a full time musician again and the course has helped me find new work and encourage me to use my musical skills in a variety of different ways.


Jack Egglestone


Personally what I got out of the training course was being able to work on skills I already had, plus I gained a lot more. I gained insight into working with different groups of people, and how I would manage working with different groups of people. I learned loads of ideas for workshops and how to manage my time and preparation for actually running a workshop which was invaluable.  

Georgia Thomas

Previous Trainee