Community Music Wales receives four years of funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Community Music Wales (CMW) are happy to announce that they have been successful in gaining four years funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation under their ‘Access and Participation’ program.

The funding will be instrumental in delivering a training initiative that will support community music practitioners at key parts of their careers.

CMW will deliver an annual Wales-wide training program aiming to provide accredited training for early-career musicians as well as supporting the continued professional development of current community arts practitioners. The program is comprised of three different areas which reflect this.

The first of which is a practitioner training course which will be delivered in three areas each year for early-career musicians. The 'Certificate in Community Music' is a diverse mix of practical and theoretical training aimed at skilled musicians who want to convert their skills to a credible work opportunity. The training will be based partly on self-assessment as trainees assess their own strengths and weaknesses.

The second area will focus on delivering practical Apprenticeships whereby mid-career artists can have three months practical experience in various community settings, shadowing experienced Community Music Wales practitioners who will mentor them through the process.

Finally, CMW will deliver training modules throughout Wales each year for mid-career practitioners. These modules are designed to reflect the job of a community music tutor. Modules were selected based on consultation which highlighted areas from Health and safety to ice breaking sessions, group work and business training. This will include peer-to-peer sharing events to encourage the sharing of best-practice, building of networks and self-reflection.

Throughout this training program Community Music Wales are aiming to improve the diversity of trained practitioners across Wales and therefore will be particularly targeting musicians who speak minority languages across Wales, musicians from various ethnic backgrounds and musicians with specific disciplines and disabilities. The aim of this is to encourage a rich and vibrant community music network across the country. CMW will also be appointing a part time officer to oversee the whole project.

If you are a musician interested in hearing about our training, please contact Community Music Wales on:

02920 838060

[email protected]