Pimp My Uke Artist Profile: Chris Harrendence

Community Music Wales have challenged leading Welsh artists to design and paint a ukulele in their own unique style. A number of exciting and diverse artists have accepted the challenge, and progress on the ukuleles has already begun.

The first artist we would like to introduce you to is Chris Harrendence

"I am Chris Harrendence, a freelance illustrator who lives in a red house on a high hill in the Neath valley.
As an illustrator, I endeavor to capture the oddness and absurd of the everyday. A passing comment or a fleeting gesture is picked up on and quickly scribbled down in my ever-present sketchbook.
My work is often whimsical with an underlying touch of darkness and melancholy. My artistic influences range from artists such as Edward Gorey, Shaun Tan and Ericailcane. Also being brought up on a diet of Sci-fi movies, comics and Monty Python has no doubt been a contributing factor in my work.
I’m always looking at new ways to challenge myself as an artist and illustrator. So it is not unusual for me to produce illustrations as sculptural pieces of work. This has resulted in painting on clocks, cups or bits of random driftwood. However this is the first time I have painted a musical instrument. I have always had the desire to paint some artwork on a piano though. One-day maybe.
I love music but alas not able to play any instruments. Music is really important to how I work though. I seldom work in silence. Whether it’s Bowie, Arcade Fire or Radiohead, there is always music filling the spaces of my studio. The constant presence of music always, if not obviously, influences the mood and direction of my work. With my love for music and love of sci-fi it seemed inevitable that the two should fuse. Machine becomes musician."

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