Pimp My Uke Artist Profile – Eurfryn Lewis

Community Music Wales have challenged leading Welsh artists to design and paint a ukulele in their own unique style. A number of exciting and diverse artists have accepted the challenge, and progress on the ukuleles has already begun.

The next artist we would like to introduce you to is Eurfryn Lewis

How would you describe your art style?

I’m primarily a Printmaker but I use several different techniques in my work including charcoal drawing, oil painting and mixed media. I’m influenced by My Welsh heritage and My work depicts the Welsh people of rural Ceredigion, male voice choirs and rugby.

Who are your main artistic influences? 

Many influences include the etchings of Rembrandt, Albrecht Durer and Christopher Nevinson. Also, great Welsh painters such as Aneurin Jones and Kyffin Williams.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever painted?

A wooden chicken, a child  size version of the Tardis from Doctor who and Elsa’s Castle from Frozen!

How does it compare to painting a ukulele?

Very similar in that you paint on a wooden surface, just that it’s a different shape! Painting an ukelele is great fun!

What was your first idea when we asked you to paint a ukulele?

My first idea was to paint a male voice choir on the uke – I'm inspired by my personal experience of singing in the Royal Albert Hall in the festival of male voice choirs since I was a teenager. The choir on the uke is The London Welsh male voice choir.

How does the finished artwork compare to your initial thoughts and are you pleased with the results?

Yes , I’m very pleased with the result and am so glad I’ve had the opportunity to pimp an Uke with a musical link!


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