Clwb Feinyl

Clwb Feinyl is an exciting new project that aims to help Welsh learners discover and appreciate Welsh language music and gives them an opportunity to talk and discuss in ‘real Cymraeg’ – i.e. conversational Welsh with a first language speaker as opposed to Welsh learned from books and more traditional courses. 

Over the course of a few weeks, participants meet up with one of our tutors where they will talk in Welsh about the history of Welsh language music and discuss any of their own prior knowledge and understanding.

Each week one or two albums are selected for the learners to listen to and study, taking notes on the music, artwork and especially the lyrics.

The next session the participants discuss the album amongst themselves and with the tutor (in Welsh of course!) which hopefully gives them a better understanding of the unique perspectives and nuances of the language and how that in language as in music, rhythm and articulation are vital.

We just wanted to say how much we've appreciated Neil's sessions with us over the last few weeks. Not only has he given us fresh insights into Welsh-language music, but he has also stimulated general conversation (as well as correcting our Welsh pronunciation from time to time!)

Howard Jones

We were invited to listen to some music this week for discussion in our next meeting. One track provoked in me a very emotional response and I was keen to share that with the group. As a result, I was motivated to work on the Welsh language that I needed to use in order to express myself in the group.

Consequently, this week I have sought to express myself more through the medium of Welsh than I have done since I began my learning journey.

Karen from Penygroes