Medieval Mash-Up

Medieval Mash-Up was a project that celebrated the 400 year anniversary of the Robert ap Huw Manuscript, through a series of workshops that re-examined the work using traditional Welsh folk music and contemporary music.
Robert ap Huw was a Welsh harpist and copyist, born circa 1580. He is most notable for compiling a manuscript, now known as the ‘Robert ap Huw Manuscript’, which is the main extant source of cerdd dant and is a late medieval collection of harp music. Robert Ap Huw’s manuscript is considered one of the most important sources of early Welsh music. Robert Ap Huw used Binary music in his manuscript as his form of music notation. This notational concept dates back to ancient Greece and was used extensively throughout Europe during the medieval period as form of recording and preserving music of the time. 2013 saw the 400th anniversary of Robert Ap Huw’s retrospective compilation manuscript of traditional Welsh binary music. Robert Evans and Mary Anne Roberts of the traditional Welsh folk band Bragod, have been studying, recording and performing the manuscript to audiences throughout Europe. On this project they are worked with CMW on a series of workshops with young people in Cardiff, Llanelli, Caernarfon and Anglesey.
The participants worked with the manuscript, examining concepts of binary music and learning about their musical heritage. Our CMW trained and experienced tutors also worked alongside Bragod and contemporary music producers to record and perform their interpretations of the manuscript. Participants needed to get to grips with traditional folk instruments such as the crwth and the lyre and responded to them by incorporating modern musical styles.

Enter the Tavern

The Tavern is our music making app developed on the project to create binary music. (works best on a PC)
Through this fusion of modern music recording and performance technologies with ancient traditional methods, the project managed to bring Robert Ap Huw’s manuscript into the modern era.
This project was funded by The Heritage Lottery Fund.