Community Music Wales receives four years of funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Community Music Wales (CMW) are happy to announce that they have been successful in gaining four years funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation under their ‘Access and Participation’ program.

The funding will be instrumental in delivering a training initiative that will support community music practitioners at key parts of their careers.

CMW will deliver an annual Wales-wide training program aiming to provide accredited training for early-career musicians as well as supporting the continued professional development of current community arts practitioners. The program is comprised of three different areas which reflect this.

The first of which is a practitioner training course which will be delivered in three areas each year for early-career musicians. The 'Certificate in Community Music' is a diverse mix of practical and theoretical training aimed at skilled musicians who want to convert their skills to a credible work opportunity. The training will be based partly on self-assessment as trainees assess their own strengths and weaknesses.

The second area will focus on delivering practical Apprenticeships whereby mid-career artists can have three months practical experience in various community settings, shadowing experienced Community Music Wales practitioners who will mentor them through the process.

Finally, CMW will deliver training modules throughout Wales each year for mid-career practitioners. These modules are designed to reflect the job of a community music tutor. Modules were selected based on consultation which highlighted areas from Health and safety to ice breaking sessions, group work and business training. This will include peer-to-peer sharing events to encourage the sharing of best-practice, building of networks and self-reflection.

Throughout this training program Community Music Wales are aiming to improve the diversity of trained practitioners across Wales and therefore will be particularly targeting musicians who speak minority languages across Wales, musicians from various ethnic backgrounds and musicians with specific disciplines and disabilities. The aim of this is to encourage a rich and vibrant community music network across the country. CMW will also be appointing a part time officer to oversee the whole project.

If you are a musician interested in hearing about our training, please contact Community Music Wales on:

02920 838060

[email protected]


Tell CMW Your Story

Have you ever been involved with a CMW project? Have you been a participant, tutor, partner or part of Complete Control Music or Ciwdod? Perhaps you were there in the beginning, when CMW was but a twinkle in the collective minds of Cardiff’s community musicians in 1991. We want to hear from you.

As you may be aware 2017 marks the 25th year of CMW’s continuing activity, and we’ve decided to wax nostalgic about each one of those amazing years. But we need your help to remember. Have you got a favourite memory of CMW? Has CMW helped you with your career path or professional development? Maybe you took part in a project and would like to submit yourself as a case study? Or maybe you were part of one of the bands involved with Complete Control Music or Ciwdod.

Whatever your involvement, every memory matters to us and we would like to hear about it.

If you’d like to share your experiences or memories with CMW you can email [email protected] or phone us on 02920 838060 for a chat.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Garfield Weston Announcement

Community Music Wales (CMW) are happy to announce that they have been successful in their application to Garfield Weston Foundation for one year of core funding of £30,000. This will enable the development and implementation of three projects that will have a large impact on deprived communities across the whole of Wales.


CMW have identified three key areas they would like to focus on and use the opportunity to monitor the impact this work has on individuals and communities:
  • Refugee and Asylum Seekers.
  • Young people who are NEET.
  • People suffering from mental health issues.


With cuts to the arts and creative industries, it has become even more vital to demonstrate the long and short term impact this type of intervention can have, particularly on the well-being of our communities. CMW will use this grant to gather vital data and develop case studies and impact reports, supporting the work of the Arts Council of Wales to ensure the future of creative intervention for the most vulnerable in society.

We are hugely grateful to Garfield Weston Foundation and the support they have shown us and look forward to working with them in the future.

Biophony Research and Development Project

Community Music Wales were very lucky and excited to receive a Research and Development grant from Arts Council of Wales.

In 2013 CMW trialled a project called “Stats in Sound” which aimed to take everyday objects that have the ability to generate data and use it to create music and soundscapes. As an initial project it worked very well and we learned a lot about using sensors to capture data and ended up making plants sing and household goods compose. Using the grant we received from Arts Council of Wales, we wanted to further the techniques we developed on this project to make music using environmental data and we were delighted by the beautiful results of this experimental project in the end!
Our project manager Chris Dawson started by carrying out research into different types of ecology. He attended a course with Sea Watch Foundation to see what types of ecological data was being collected. This included audio, visual, and seeing what wildlife was in British waters. The data provided by Sea watch Foundation formed the majority of the data for the artists to work with.
He then met with ecologist Chris Hatch who explored wider ecological data including Woodlands and Rivers. In addition to this, he explored the huge amount of data collection and various methods of translating and manipulating data. 
We then used the collected data and met with musicians Arts Active musicians James Williams and Helen Woods and Musician Neil White to start by planning the project. James, the composer set about setting the sounds recorded into a score which could be performed by an ensemble. Helen used Sea Watch Foundation statistical data of bottlenose dolphins from 2011 – 2015 to map the music tempo. She then presented the data to Arts Active Gamelan group, who she worked with to compose a piece of music. The number of dolphin sightings, locations and their markings all determined the structure of the piece.
Finally, our song writer Neil used the data from Sea Watch Foundation which showed the migratory patterns of all Cetacean creatures including whales, dolphins and porpoises. He translated the data including numbers of sightings, locations of sightings (Longitude and Latitude) in various different ways including feeding the data into Cubase on the computer to create a score. Each species had its own piece of music, peppered with actual audio recordings of the animals themselves. He also created a score and graphic score to create new music.
Overall these methods produced beautiful, unique music which were engaging and of excellent quality. But most importantly, we discovered that these methods could all be used as a large scale participation project with different groups. 
As a result of the success of this project we decided to use the findings to develop into a full participatory project working with three or more community groups across Wales using the methods we trialled as part of this R&D phase. Therefore, we built the findings into our larger Arts Council of Wales 'Taking Part' project to work with community groups in three parts of Wales with the remit of gathering their own data as well as working with. 

Volunteer Database Administrator:

Community Music Wales is a registered charity and we are looking for a volunteer to provide office support for database administration. We need someone to contact people/organisation on our Access data-base to check if our records are correct and to update information as necessary. You will also research and compile mailing lists and help with mail-outs. Candidates should be accurate with attention to detail, have an excellent telephone manner and be confident to use or be trained to work on a database.

Please contact [email protected] for an application form.

Introducing CMW Community Arts Tutor Training

Community Music Wales will be running a community arts tutor training course in Nefyn this September.

The course will aim both to develop essential, core competencies and to celebrate and encourage individuality and diversity.

Who is it for?

For people who:

  • Want to increase their skills, knowledge and understanding in using creative activities in their work with people.
  • Already work in a creative field, or want to start using art in a work or voluntary context, including youth workers, teaching assistants, carers, early years workers, play workers, day centre staff, after school club leaders, youth justice sector workers etc
  • Have a strong interest in creative activities and have some artistic skills
  • Have the potential to inspire and motivate people to create

Thanks to the Arts Council of Wales lottery funding we are able to offer this course for FREE

Course Dates:

25th & 26th September 2016
If you are interested in the course please don’t hesitate to call us on:
029 20838060
or email:
[email protected]

Thank You!

We’d like to say a massive thank you (again) to the wonderful people of Penarth Acoustic Club for donating more equipment to Community Music Wales.

The club meet once a month at the Prince William Suite of Penarth Cons Club for a night of live acoustic music, poetry, or any performance suitable for a small stage.

All proceeds from their raffle go towards a charity, and in the past they have donated to MIND in the vale and more recently they donated £300 worth of ukuleles to CMW.

This time they have donated a plethora of samba equipment, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

So thank you, thank you, thank you Penarth Acoustic Club for your continued support, we hope you carry on being amazing for more years to come.

CMW “Get Creative” in Cardiff City Centre

On 1-3 April 2016 BBC Wales, Arts Council of Wales and What Next? teamed up with the help of a number of fantastic organisations for a bumper weekend to celebrate the nation’s creativity – and CMW got involved. On Saturday the 2nd of April staff members and tutor Ron took a range of African drums into Cardiff city centre and set up outside the Owain Glyndwr to encourage passers-by to join in with some groovy drumming. Thankfully the weather was on our side and lots of wonderful people took a break out of their busy shopping schedules to make some music with us. True to form Ron led the group expertly and teased the nerves out of newcomers and encouraged everyone to just let go and enjoy the beat. After a few ice breakers and some rhythm games it was sounding awesome – and we even got a few rounds of applause, not bad for an hour’s work! It was great to see staff and members of the public step out of their comfort zone and enjoy the shared experience of making music. So thank you to everyone who joined in, whether you played a drum or just enjoyed watching, and thanks to the weather for keeping us dry and cheerful!