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Community Music Wales (CMW) is a community arts organisation with 25 years experience of delivering high quality arts activity, touching the lives of over 50,000 people since its inception.

CMW believes that music can impact the lives of even the hardest to reach individuals. It can have a highly positive effect when delivered in a sensitive and client centred way, by trained community music tutors and practitioners.

Music enriches lives; it can be liberating; exciting; soothing; joyful – the act of creating music is, in itself, empowering.

Community Music Participation Can

  • Increase confidence, self-esteem and develop positive aspirations.
  • Provide more opportunity for creativity and imaginative play.
  • Support the development of basic skills.
  • Create community cohesion. Enable participants to learn new skills.
  • Increase opportunities for the development of team work and collaborative thinking.
  • Increase awareness of work potential in the creative industries.


With over 25 years of experience developing and delivering workshops, we recognise that all groups have different issues and different needs. We'll discuss your group's needs and work with you to tailor activity for your time frame and budget, which can include combining different workshop types. 

We can come to your centre or work with you to find an alternative venue. 

We'll give you a price that includes all tutor fees, insurance and contracting. 

All our tutors are trained and experiences community music practitioners with up to date enhanced DBS checks. We will provide the equipment for the project. 

The following are examples of workshops we can offer, but we are not limited to only these. Our workshops are bespoke projects tailored to suit you and your group's needs. 

Drumming & Percussion

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This workshop uses African or samba drums and percussion instruments.

Using simple rhythms then moving to more complex rhythms, the group creates their own original piece.

Singing and vocal work lends itself well to these workshops so we often play games with rhythm, making up songs and playing with words.

This is suitable for people with different musical skills and abilities, and as it  creates music instantly the sense of achievement is immediate.

We can work with both small and very large groups.

Songwriting & Composition

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Songwriting covers a huge range of musical styles and genres but at its heart is writing original music.

Our workshops capture participants imagination, helping them express themselves in a creative, fun and safe environment.

This is suitable for any ages, and for those with beginner and advanced music skills.

Groups create an original piece of music and build towards an end performance or recording of their composition.

We’ll tailor the workshops to your group’s needs and to your timescale.

Digital Music

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Our digital music workshops covers a wide range of areas and is very flexible.

Participants can record anything from music instruments to everyday sounds and then use a computer to manipulate those recordings to create compositions.

We also run workshops that create music for specific settings such as film soundtracks or computer games.

These workshops work well with small groups.

They’re accessible  for people with no music skills and those who are more advanced.

Young children respond particularly well as they can enjoy playing with the sounds.


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DJing is a highly engaging activity which can be used with music from many genres.

Workshops are dynamic, flexible and most importantly, fun.

This is suitable for absolute beginners and those with advanced music skills.

Participants will learn how to beatmatch, scratch, cut and beat juggle, using Vinyl, cd and mp3 and other digital mixing.

As well as being an art form in itself, DJing works well as a backdrop for performances such as theatre and dance.

Scratch DJing can by integrated into a live band performance.