The project will kick off in September

and will focus on bringing together the rich and diverse communities of Merthyr to create new exciting music as part of a choir and other musical groups. We know that music can forge strong community bonds, break down barriers and increase confidence and self-esteem. We developed this project to promote a positive relationship between the Merthyr community and those who have chosen to make Merthyr their home through celebrating each other's cultures through music.

Like Wales, many of those newly arrived communities including Poland, Italy and Ghana bring a rich musical heritage which the charity want to explore, working together with the different nationalities to find a way to celebrate those commonalities.

We would like to integrate the traditional and modern and develop a choir and music group that’s for everyone to enjoy.

We really want the project to focus on sharing and learning about one another's cultures, celebrating both the diversity and similarities of shared music.

The project will see sessions run by an experienced musical director to create a choir and musical group to perform at the Red House.

In addition to the singing, we also want to introduce the opportunity for musicians to bring their own instruments to contribute to the sound and diversifying the musical influences.

CMW are looking for anyone interested in participating in this project with a story to tell or music to share. For more information, please contact the charity on 02920 838060 or [email protected]