Polyphony was our multi genre project encouraging musicians from different backgrounds to join in group workshops where they can learn from each other and their tutors. Workshops included group music making, song writing and rehearsal sessions as well as exclusive master classes from top professional performers.

We invited musicians from all walks of life to take part in this exciting project which aimed to help them push each other’s musical boundaries as well as their own. Over 6 weeks two very different groups of talented musicians got together in Swansea and Narberth to write and play some genre defying music together. With the aid of our expert tutors the musicians worked with each other to hand craft a selection of different songs, each drawing from the experiences and inspirations of all of the participants, which were then recorded at a studio in Swansea.

Some of the participants had never been in a band before, and so this was a fantastic opportunity for them to gain experience of working with other musicians. Despite this the musicians worked very well together, and were keen to share their musical influences with the group as well as encourage others to do likewise.